XpertOnline Credit Reporting System Features & Benefits

The XpertOnline merged credit reporting system provides access points based on audience: CRAs/CRCs, and their financial institution clients.

CRAs have access to an in-depth, responsive customer service platform that empowers them to create credit products and update and process credit files with speed and ease. It's their secure online storefront. It's their pipeline for identifying work, providing supplements, verifications, rapid rescores and more to their clients. It streamlines the entire process, helping their financial institution clients save more deals quickly.

Financial institutions can either access XpertOnline's robust, service-based web site, or they can access credit data from one of the many secure LOS interfaces. From the web site, financial institutions can order new reports, request supplements and rapid rescores, run CreditXpert®, swap borrower/co-borrower or drop an applicant from a file, utilize the auto-upgrade feature to save money, print disclosures, order UDMs, and lots more.

Unparalleled Data and System Security

  • PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE-16, EI3PA system certifications validated annually

  • Keep in touch with current system status with real-time performance status checks

  • Verify any printed report's validity with the Fraud Guard feature - look at XpertOnline's report and compare with your printed hardcopy

  • Be assured of report data by comparing original raw bureau data with manually updated report data

Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

  • Open entire reports in seconds (files with 100 trades opens in 2 seconds)

  • Any changes made save in moments

  • Tracks recently-accessed requests for quick re-access from "Recently Opened" tab

  • Ability to update and move between multiple reports in a single click without losing your place

  • System speed remains consistent no matter how many reports or loans are open at once

Reliable Activity Tacking and Management

  • Edit Log feature tracks all edits made to all data

  • Management Reports compile user, product, billing, and updating activity, plus lots of custom reports

  • Oversee report turnaround time for processors with updating assignment and re-assignment

All the Data Connections You Need

  • Over 50 Loan Origination Software integrations, including Ellie Mae Encompass, Calyx, Byte

  • Direct GSE integrations to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

  • Public Record data integrations

  • CreditXpert suite of credit score analysis and improvement tools

  • Fraud, UDM, and LQI compliance interfaces

System-wide Innovation for Updating and Processing Credit Data

  • Account specific verification forms directly linked to grantors, collectors, employers, or landlords

  • Editable verification forms ensure form gets to the right person

  • Automated subscriber matching when accessing subscriber list from verification

  • Actual account information included on form allows for most current info to be on report

  • Derogatory indicators print on verification form

  • Automated identification of pending files help identify files to work on faster

Score-Based Automated Workflow Controls Costs

  • nstantly identify scores on reports that are too low, stop the product upgrade for your clients, and reduce their costs on non-qualifiable borrower credit reports

  • Lenders input a consumer score threshold that must be met

  • If consumer score is at or above that threshold, XpertOnline automatically upgrades from a single bureau file to a tri-merge report

  • If consumer score is below threshold, clients only pay for a single bureau pull