Solutions for Lenders: Prequalify, Originate, and Close with Confidence

SharperLending delivers intelligent technology solutions to financial institutions of all shapes and sizes.  No matter if you’re a wholesale, correspondent or retail lender, our solutions help you attract and identify leads, and pull them successfully through processing to get your "Clear to Close" faster.

Identify leads faster.  Originate faster.  Process faster. Get your clear-to-close faster.  Work smarter, not harder with SharperLending technology.

Prequalification / Lead Generation Solutions

How do you attract customers to your loan products? Hands down, the internet is a key referral source. It’s common for lenders to have a link to their loan application online, but do you want to go through the rigmarole of TRID disclosures if a consumer doesn’t qualify?

What if you had a solution that did not require disclosures but reported the consumer score, delinquencies, bankruptcies, etc., so you can know instantly if the loan should be pulled through or not? ReadyQual® is your solution. ReadyQual is a prequalification tool that is proven to reduce your workload and bring you more qualified leads.

ReadyQual is a fast, easy and safe way to compare consumer financial information against your loan product qualification requirements and get an instant approval or not.

Residential & Commercial Appraisals

SharperLending offers financial institutions comprehensive real estate appraisal solutions for residential and commercial lenders. The Appraisal Firewall® software enables lenders to manage their own appraisal process and work directly with their known and trusted appraisers to increase the speed of loan production and underwriting.

Everybody knows that collateral valuation is one of the most time consuming aspects of loan processing and risk analysis. Manage it yourself to reduce your completion times and move loans toward closing faster with lender-driven, web-based software. Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC.

• Residential Appraisals
• Commercial Appraisals
• Verisite Property Inspections
• Property Condition Reports
• AVMs & more

Property Inspections

The Verisite line of mobile property inspection tools represents a modern, more efficient way for financial institutions to get property inspection reports and collateral valuation data. Utilizing cutting edge mobile technology for to-the-moment property detail, borrowers, appraisers, inspectors, and even Realtors can take property pictures for you. Verisite then combines this data with historical property data to provide current, comprehensive property inspections for faster lending decisions.

Verisite products can be used on loans and sub-loan products that don’t require full appraisals, such as home equity loans, disaster relief inspections, new construction progress evaluations, portfolio reviews, and more.

• Verisite Photo Report
• Verisite Collateral Data Report
• Verisite Plus

Origination & Processing

SharperLending offers lenders seamless mortgage technology from origination to fulfillment in the VendorVault/EPN system. One login. One system. Integrated with all the LOS systems you need to access all the products and services to originate and process your loans, including:

• Appraisals
• Compliance
• Credit Reporting
• Closing Services
• Flood Determinations/Certifications
• Mortgage Loan Report lien position evaluation
• Verification of Deposit
• Verification of Employment
• Signing Services
• Tax Services
• 4506-T Income Verification
• Title Reports
• Property Reports
• Property Tax

Place multiple orders from multiple vendors not only on the same order, but at the same time. Intelligent, automated workflows evaluate returned vendor data to help decide whether to move forward and order the next product or stop and notify you of potential issues or conditions. And, you can keep the vendor relationships you have today.

Control your processing costs, and vet and store your vendor connections in a single, secure location.

QC/Appraisal Reviews

Fast, comprehensive appraisal risk management is just a click away with a variety of appraisal review options from SharperLending, including the Appraisal Scorecard, the most complete automated review tool available.

In this world of web-based, lightning-fast communication, the Scorecard takes what all auto-review tools do today, and extends it to be a multi-audience communication tool that lets reviewers, lenders and appraisers collaborate in real-time on review results.

Our suite of QC tools goes beyond the Scorecard. We also offer 5 additional QC solutions that help lenders easily implement a comprehensive appraisal QC process that reduces cost and maximizes protection. You can pick and choose which components you want to enable for optimal appraisal risk management.

• Appraisal Scorecard Auto-Review
• Completeness Check
• Appraisal Report Comparison Tool
• Manual Appraisal Review
• GSE-based UAD Check
• CU and LCA Risk Scores