Automated Borrower Income Verification

Fraud protection. Security. Increased pipeline efficiency. Paperwork reduction. These are some of the benefits that IVES Participants and lenders get when using the TVP software to verify consumer income with the IRS.

Plus, SharperLending’s TVP is authorized for the Fannie Mae™ Day 1 Certainty™ program. This means that, when mortgage lenders place their 4506-T orders through TVP, their loan files are eligible for Day 1 Certainty Rep and Warrant Relief on validated loan components.

Key Points

  • Get the consumer’s signature electronically
  • Automatically stamp your company information onto the 4506-T
  • Annotate, edit, and update the PDF quickly
  • “Stuck” IRS orders can be easily corrected and re-submitted
  • Mark files to be uploaded to the IRS and send them in batches
  • Full integration to the IRS
  • LOS interfaces transfer 4506-T data seamlessly with no rekeying of data
  • Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty authorized so lenders get rep and warrant relief on all orders

Rep & Warrant Relief with Day 1 Certainty™

SharperLending’s TVP platform is an authorized provider of 4506-T tax transcripts for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter™ (DU™) validation service. Mortgage lenders can reissue completed consumer tax transcripts from TVP into DU and get freedom from reps and warranties from Fannie Mae on validated loan components. Watch the video to learn more.