Comprehensive Real Estate Appraisal Software for Residential & Commercial Lenders

Appraisal Firewall is secure, web-based residential and commercial appraisal software that enables financial institutions to manage their own appraisal process. Lenders can work directly with their trusted local appraisers - and any AMCs they work with - to achieve superior processing efficiency and faster originations. Appraisal Firewall increases the speed of loan production and underwriting while helping lenders comply with all appraisal regulations. Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC.

What's So Exciting About Appraisal Firewall?

It's Fast
Compared to nearly all over collateral valuation solutions, Appraisal Firewall provides completed appraisals faster than competitors. How? By enabling lenders to manage their own residential and commercial appraisal process automatically through web-based secure software.

It's Flexible
Compare our features with any other solution, and you will see that Appraisal Firewall surpasses any competing solution. Appraisal Firewall delivers complete control over appraisal processing to add efficiency to your origination process. Need to enable UCDP, a manual review process, or setup Commercial appraisal ordering? Want to add an additional coverage area or appraiser to your panel? Just check a checkbox and save. Configurations are endless, easy to understand, and simple to implement.

It's Comprehensive
From national wholesale lenders to regional mortgage companies to local community banks and credit unions, lenders of all sizes get a full suite of affordable, enterprise-level solutions. Appraisal Firewall offers the Verisite line of property inspection tools, interfaces to all major LOS's include Ellie Mae® Encompass®, commercial appraisal solutions, plus the Appraisal Scorecard auto-review tool, FEMA disaster monitoring, and so much more.

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Verisite Mobile Property Inspection Tools

The Verisite line of products in Appraisal Firewall represents a new, more efficient way for financial institutions to get property inspection reports and collateral valuation data. Utilizing cutting edge mobile technology for to-the-moment property detail, borrowers, appraisers, inspectors, and even Realtors can take property pictures for you. Verisite then combines this data with historical property data to provide current, comprehensive property inspections for faster lending decisions.

Verisite products can be used on loans and sub-loan products that don’t require full appraisals, such as home equity loans, disaster relief inspections, new construction progress evaluations, portfolio reviews, and more.

Appraisal Scorecard Automated Reviews

Reliable Appraisal Risk Management 
Appraisal Firewall offers a new breed of automated appraisal reviews: the Appraisal Scorecard. In this world of web-based, lightning-fast communication, the Scorecard takes what all auto-review tools do today, and extends it to be a multi-audience communication tool that lets reviewers, lenders and appraisers collaborate in real-time.

  • Interactive collaboration between lender, reviewer and appraiser reduces review times from days to hours or less.
  • Takes complicated data and scores it into five categories, delivering more accuracy to your current review process.
  • Filters which files should be sent for manual review and which should not, decreasing cost and increasing efficiency.
  • In-depth analysis and reporting on completeness, subject property data, comparable sales, regulatory, mortgage insurer, and investor requirements catches more files before underwriting does.