Provide Better Service to Lenders

Our strategic partners rely on SharperLending technology to deliver the best service to their clients. SharperLending partners with credit reporting agencies, AMCs, IRS IVES participants, settlement services and fulfillment providers to develop and implement simple, streamlined solutions for an increasingly complex industry.

While our technology delivers solutions for an unparalleled breadth of mortgage industry needs, we go deep within each segment to allow our strategic partners to streamline their clients’ lending processes from origination to fulfillment with professionalism and better service.

Credit Reporting Agencies

SharperLending offers authorized CRAs/CRCs/bureau resellers the most complete, customizable consumer credit reporting and risk analysis system available. Providing access to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, and recognized for its strong security posture, speed and third party data integrations, XpertOnline® is the most highly-regarded mortgage credit reporting application available.

Only XpertOnline offers the fastest channel for Internet-based credit report access while securing data to protect its customers.  XpertOnline has an extensive history in the credit reporting industry, dating back to 1903 through an affiliation with Credit Bureau Services in Spokane, WA. – when consumer credit debt was tracked on note cards in file drawers!  We’ve used our rich history to develop the best mortgage and bureau-direct credit reporting technology available.

Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs)

Old, legacy software systems are the norm in the AMC technology industry. If you’re tired of using outdated technology to service your clients’ appraisals, our modern, responsive AMC software can significantly improve your client relationships. It can also improve your bottom line.

Appraisal Firewall® offers AMCs modern technology solutions enhanced on a monthly basis to better connect you with your clients. Achieve a superior level of customer service for each client, faster reviews, instant online collaboration for disputes, faster completion times, and lots more. Schedule a demo today.

Your organization can realize better client retention with our modern approach to AMC technology.

  • Import your current appraiser panel instantly.
  • Add to your panel by selecting from over 40,000 licensed and certified appraisers already in the system that specialize in their local markets. (Neither Appraisal Firewall nor SharperLending are AMCs – we are the tech provider only.)
  • Hybrid and alternative appraisal solutions for a variety of market segments, including new construction, equity lending, disaster evaluations, and more.

Mortgage Settlement Services and Vendor Management

Lenders rely on many third-party tech and data vendors to help them originate, process, underwrite, and close loans. Managing multiple vendors across a spectrum of systems can lead to inefficiencies and increase costs. And in an increasingly technical world, lending processes that don’t rely on effective technology to manage vendors can lead to a non-competitive business strategy.

SharperLending offers strategic partners easy, cost-effective vendor management solutions to help their lender clients increase pipeline efficiency while reducing origination and third-party vendor compliance costs.

The EPN® system allows settlement service providers to offer their lender clients a secure, cloud-based system to connect with their vendors, and order all products and services needed to originate and process loans faster. EPN centralizes all current third party vendors into a single location. And, any new vendors can be easily integrated with our simple APIs.

Integrated with all the leading LOS’s and third party vendor connections, EPN enables strategic partners to assist with:

  • Controlling and reducing lender client origination costs
  • Faster loan processing
  • Third party vendor due diligence
  • Automated workflows to get the Clear to Close faster
  • Gain further protection from audits
  • And more.

IVES Participants

SharperLending offers IVES (Income Verification Express Service) Participants secure, seamless solutions to assist their lender clients with verifying borrower income directly with the IRS.

IVES Participants utilize the Tax Verification Provider (TVP) software to collect lender 4506-T forms for submission to, processing, and retrieval from the IRS. TVP® helps prepare 4506-Ts more effectively, automates the error correction and form-filling process for you, then uploads your 4506-T’s in batches so you get them returned to you faster. TVP notifies you when the files have returned, and automatically sends them back to your lender client via the TVP web site.

Prequalification and Lead Generation

Prequalification and Lead Generation solutions can be a deterrent for consumers if they take too long to complete. They can be a deterrent for lenders if disclosures need to be sent even if a consumer doesn’t qualify.

SharperLending provides strategic partners with simple, easy-to-complete lead gen software that they can offer to their lender clients that:

  1. Takes less than a minute for consumers to complete
  2. Gathers lead info and text it loan officers instantly, and
  3. Doesn't require any borrower disclosures. Consumer score is included!

The ReadyQual® lead gen/prequal software is a bureau-approved solution that partners can fully private label and deliver to their clients for placement on consumer-facing web sites. Provide lenders with more qualified leads, reduce app fallout rate, and save time by not having them provide TRID disclosures.


Sometimes the standard, system to system data integrations that financial institutions rely on to originate, process and close a loan just don’t cut it. Sometimes, you need intuitive, custom solutions from a company with history and experience to streamline originations and get your Clear-to-Close faster and with better quality.

We help financial institutions of all sizes implement proprietary, custom technology solutions that fit the unique needs of their business. Have an LOS that needs workflow-based integration to decision off the returned consumer score? Need to compare consumer income from a third party data provider against IRS data? We regularly consult with financial institutions to evaluate and implement a range of in-depth, custom technology solutions to grow businesses.

Contact us and let us know how we can help.