Intercoastal Mortgage Company Selects Appraisal Firewall Software to Provide Seamless Appraisal Ordering Solutions

Spokane, Wash. Oct. 16th, 2019 – Mortgage and financial technology provider SharperLending LLC announced today that Intercoastal Mortgage Company has selected the Appraisal Firewall real estate appraisal platform as their primary software system for managing residential appraisals.  Intercoastal will use the Appraisal Firewall platform to order, process, deliver, and run QC on residential valuation products.  Appraisal Firewall is secure, web-based real estate appraisal software for residential and commercial mortgage lenders to manage their own appraisal process.  Appraisal Firewall also offers the Verisite suite of mobile property inspection tools.

“We identified connectivity pain points as they relate to origination and appraisal processes with Intercoastal Mortgage Company and were able to find multiple synergies to assist in process efficiency,” says Tiffany Saraceno, VP of Sales at SharperLending LLC, the company behind the Appraisal Firewall software.  “We focus on continued innovation to drive industry change and bring velocity to property valuations for lenders and their loan products.”

As more service-based processes become automated in the real estate appraisal and collateral valuation industry, continued innovation is the goal of Appraisal Firewall.  New features and additional technology and data partnerships are released monthly to better connect lenders with their business systems to drive faster appraisal lifecycles and add value to lending processes.

“Intercoastal’s primary focus has been to enhance both their employee and customer experience through feature-rich, fully-integrated technology,” said Tom Pyne, President & COO of Intercoastal Mortgage Company.  “Appraisal Firewall is a piece that fits perfectly within all our business systems. We are very excited about Appraisal Firewall.”

Appraisal Firewall boasts hundreds of individual features and settings for ordering, routing, assignment, processing, completion, delivery, QC and post-completion that allow lenders to designate exactly how they want their appraisal process to function.  Numerous third-party data integration services complement the extensive feature set to maximize speed and ensure all data is securely available where it needs to be.  Lenders use the feature-rich, interconnected environment to push orders through to completion and post-delivery QC with less risk faster.


About SharperLending LLC

Headquartered in Spokane, Wash., SharperLending LLC, was founded in 1989 and serves strategic partners and lenders in the financial and mortgage technology industry with five flagship products.  SharperLending LLC has been innovating real estate appraisal technology since the late 1990s, with Appraisal Firewall breaking out of the company’s single-source settlement services technology into its own unique offering in 2005. Appraisal Firewall is secure, web-based residential and commercial appraisal software that enables financial institutions to manage their own appraisal process.  Lenders work directly with their trusted local appraisers – and any AMCs they want to work with – to achieve faster originations and superior processing efficiency and while complying with all appraisal regulations. Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC.  For more information visit or call (800)452-1174.

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