Appraisal Firewall Partners with SimpleNexus to Drive Mobile-Based Lending with New Appraisal Data Integration Service

Spokane, Wash. – Oct. 3rd, 2019 – Mortgage technology provider SharperLending LLC announced today a data integration between its Appraisal Firewall real estate appraisal software and SimpleNexus to speed loan processing by keeping financial institutions continuously updated via mobile devices on the status of all valuation orders placed in Appraisal Firewall.  The goal of the integration is to continue to push the lending process further into the mobile age for loan officers, processors, borrowers, Realtors, mortgage partners, and any additional parties that need to know current loan progress.

As appraisal orders placed in Appraisal Firewall move forward at any point, users of the SimpleNexus mobile app will receive a push notification at each turn, in real time.  Notifications sent to all parties help to quickly identify slowdowns caused by required manual user interaction and help maintain the momentum of moving the loan toward closing.  The integration also assists in keeping loan processing digital and automated.

“The days of sifting through a sea of emails to see if the inspection has been scheduled, if access to the property is limited, or the appraisal has been delivered are gone,” says Matt Hansen, CEO at SimpleNexus.  “Lender updates will be instantaneous, which brings their lending office increased efficiency right to the palm of their hands.”

SimpleNexus unites loan officers, borrowers, and Realtor partners into a single platform to deliver a complete digital mortgage strategy with proven results.

“In today’s mortgage world, the digital customer experience is key to all the decisions we make,” says Phil Denfeld of First Heritage Mortgage.  “Our decision to partner with SimpleNexus was driven by their ability to provide a mobile experience for our clients, their realtors, and our loan officers.  The integration of Appraisal Firewall with our SimpleNexus mobile app provides appraisal status throughout the loan process, adding value for all parties involved and eliminating the frustration that comes from a lack of active transparency.”

“The pipeline for communication is greatly expanded and greatly expedited with this exciting integration,” says Dave Black, Founder and CEO of SharperLending LLC, the company behind the Appraisal Firewall software.  “For example, if an appraisal comes back under value and the borrower needs to come up with cash to cover LTV discrepancies, lenders and their Realtors and borrowers can know right off the bat instead of finding out later and having to scramble at the last minute.”


About SharperLending LLC

Headquartered in Spokane, Wash., SharperLending LLC was founded in 1989.  The company was the first to receive authorization from all three credit repositories in 1998 to offer a secure web browser-based mortgage credit reporting system on the Internet. The company’s proven technology has processed more than two billion secure mortgage transactions.  SharperLending LLC provides mortgage lending solutions that increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and offer affordability.  The company has three divisions under its corporate umbrella: SharperLending Mortgage Services Division, the mortgage services and Appraisal Firewall platforms; SharperLending Credit Division, technology for the credit reporting industry; and SharperLending Solutions, the loan origination product packaging division. Learn more about Appraisal Firewall at  Watch a video about Appraisal Firewall here, or call at (800)452-1174.

About SimpleNexus

SimpleNexus is the digital mortgage platform that enables lenders to originate and process loans from anywhere. The company’s best-in-class, easy-to-use app connects loan officers to their borrowers and real estate agents to easily communicate and exchange data in a single location throughout the entire loan life cycle. Loan officers can manage their loan pipelines, order credit, run pricing, send pre-approvals and sign disclosures — all on the go.  Visit the web site to learn more.